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“Confidence in cooking ability led to fewer fast food meals, more meals as a family, and more frequent preparation of meals with vegetables in adulthood”.
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour

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Aisling Kirwan - The Grub Club

Aisling Kirwan, The Grub Club Founding Director

Aisling grew up in a loving family however along with her siblings she suffered because of her bad diet. After becoming a qualified teacher in the UK, she was shocked to discover that her family was not an exception; many of the young people that she taught were disabled because of their bad diets. It was no surprise that these students struggled to learn or even access the curriculum and Aisling realised so much of what impacts their performance happens outside of the school gates. After training as a chef, Aisling wanted to make a difference to young people and their ability to thrive so she started The Grub Club to break the cycle and ensure children have the chance to maximise their potential by fuelling their tummies. Aisling’s favourite thing to make with the Grub Clubber families is curry…but not too hot, she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to spiciness!

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Emma Cobb

Emma Cobb, Workshop Facilitator

Growing up in a busy household of six, meal times were seen as a sociable affair in Emma’s family with everyone taking on various roles to ensure great food was prepared, placed and devoured at the table – a traditional family roast is known to consist of at least seven various veggies! Being the second eldest of four siblings meant that Emma was especially eager to take reins of the kitchen and soak up all of her parents tips and tricks to ensure healthy, wholesome and budget friendly meals were added to her recipe repertoire…not least because it meant she was exempt from washing up duties in the process! After 10 years working as a Private Nanny, catering for families and applying the lessons learned as a young child, Emma found herself drawn to professional training and the urge to share her passion and love of food to help inspire youngsters as she was once inspired herself – even if it does mean occasionally taking charge of the dishes!

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Sunny Kleo

Sunny Kleo, Workshop Facilitator

Sunny grew up in an Indian household with immigrant parents who always felt they could cook anything ‘better at home’ instead of eating out! Unfortunately, a lot of their traditional family recipes required deep-frying and were sugar-heavy, so there was a period while growing up, when Sunny did not know much about healthy eating. But since learning about the importance of a balanced diet, she has developed healthy habits that will now last a lifetime. And there was one advantage of growing up in a family of competitive cooks – it meant that Sunny had to develop her own winning style, which has turned out to be inventive, fast and fusion-focused. Her favourite food is Mexican and she enjoys visiting warmer places to work out what new/secret ingredients she can then sneak into her own recipes.

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Nicola Cockroft

Nicola Cockroft, Communications Manager

Nicola grew up in New Zealand where her Mum helped her form healthy habits at a young age by showing her how to pick fresh peas from the garden and giving her tasty fruit and veggie alternatives to sugary, processed food. Nicola helps make sure word gets around about The Grub Club to schools, students and parents through this website and our social media channels. She is a keen baker and often shares hints, tips and yummy recipes, so make sure you follow us on Instagram or Twitter so you don’t miss out!

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Amanda Jones

Trustee and Brand Mentor

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Trustee and Sales Mentor

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Trustee and Schools Mentor

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