The Grub Club runs free after-school cooking courses for both parents and children who wish to improve their cooking skills, confidence and knowledge. When we eat well our brains can function fully and so we can reach our full potential. The Grub Club helps you to do this in a cost effective and time efficient way, all while having fun with your family. 


“No one can deny the exceptional work of teachers across the country, but where challenges persist, we cannot expect teachers to handle these alone. Working with schools serving low-income communities, we know that one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that children and families get the right food and nutrients necessary for learning. It is really exciting that Teach First has the chance to work with Grub Club to build on its solution of teaching families the chance to learn more about healthy and affordable eating, which I know will have a positive effect on their educational outcomes."

- Brett Wigdortz, Founder and CEO, Teach First

"We are delighted to be working with the Grub Club. For us it's a way of engaging our Pupil Premium students slightly differently, supporting us in narrowing the gap and really allowing us to engage with parents in a different way."  

- Ms. Rahelu, Head Teacher


Being nutritionally healthy enables you to achieve your full potential

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